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National Council of Behavioral Health: NatCON 18

NatCon18 ­– April 23-25 in Washington, D.C. – bigger and better than ever!

But sometimes you worry that you love NatCon too much. As one past attendee, who said she felt “energized” by the experience, nonetheless added, “The fanfare felt at odds given the conditions and challenges my patients face.”

We’ve heard these concerns before. But why should we – who make it our business to care for our nation’s health and wellbeing – expect less than our colleagues in other industries? Is making money more important than saving lives? If we think we deserve less, we may pass that downtrodden attitude along to the very people we seek to uplift.

Everything about the National Council conference is done to honor you. There is plenty of time for hard work, but precious little time to recharge. The best part is, if you register today, you can have all that we offer at a discounted price. But hurry – Early Bird pricing ends February 9


Registration:  https://ncc.expoplanner.com/index.cfm?do=reg.flow&event_id=21Was