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HIV/AIDS Education Training

This six (6) hour training is designed to assist addiction professionals in helping their clients identify “high risk” activities/life styles that may increase the risk of exposure to HIV and/or the risk of transmitting HIV to others. The goal of this training is to improve the ability of addiction professionals in a variety of settings to support individuals in making behavior changes that will reduce their risk of acquiring and/or transmitting HIV as well as other health related conditions such as Hepatitis C. Participants completing the training will receive six (6) CEUs from ICAADA . These CEUs meet credentialing requirements for addiction professionals. Learning Objectives: • Recognize the difference in HIV and AIDS • Understand the importance of health related conditions regarding HIV & AIDS • Identify “high risk” activities related to substance & alcohol use/abuse and HIV exposure • Identify appropriate referrals for HIV test/counseling and HIV treatment • Understand how HIV medications works • Recognize harm reduction and traditional addiction treatment approaches for HIV/AIDS


$55 members, $80 non-members