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    Treatment Episode Data Sets (TEDS)

    This section of CLEI provides counts of episodes where services were received from state funded substance abuse treatment programs. A treatment episode is defined as the period between the beginning of a treatment service for a drug or alcohol problem (admission) and the termination of services. The provider determines when treatment is terminated for a given episode.  An episode can span an indeterminate period of time.  The episode data are organized by state fiscal year (SFY).

    The federal government TEDS (Treatment Episode Data Sets) information is calculated in a different manner to be best able to meet the needs of the federal government, which standardizes data across all the states.  Individual states use their data for their unique needs and hence data prepared for the state can be different from the federal TEDS data.   Federal TEDS data is based on admissions. For federal TEDS data, see SAMHSA QUICK statistics, which includes TEDS data and the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS) data

    The data presented here is based on episodes, which can include multiple admissions for an on-going drug problem.   The episode ends with the termination of services for that specific problem based on the treatment providers determination of termination.    If the problem reoccurs in the future and treatment is initiated again, a new treatment episode would begin.