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  • Executive Summaries - Nielsen
  • 5.0 Demographics for DMHA Grantees
  • 5.1 Population
  • 5.2 Race/Ethnicity
  • 5.3 Marital Status
  • 5.4 Labor Force
  • 5.5 Industry
  • 5.6 Occupations
  • 5.7 Educational Attainment
  • 5.8 Households by Type and Income
  • 5.9 Family HHs by Type
  • 5.10 Lifestyles
  • 5.11 Latino Population
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    Basic Demographics

    Introduction to Basic Demographics

    Basic Demographics are data that are collected as standard information. These data are not judged to be risk or protective factors in this section of the County Profile. They are comparable to Census Data that is neutral until evaluated based on some criteria. The subsequent sections of the County Profile present and apply such criteria, namely to identify risk and protective factors for substance abuse and related problems.

    Data from AGS and Claritas are estimates prepared by professional demographers who draw data from a variety of sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau, Internal Revenue Dept., public records, surveys, etc. For more information on these sources, see www.tetrad.com.