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  • 6.6a Alcohol Spending
  • 6.6b Alcohol Consequences
  • 6.7a Tobacco Spending
  • 6.7b Tobacco Consequences
  • 6.8a Alcohol (SAC) Non-Compliance Rates
  • 6.8b SAC: Intensity of Inspection
  • 6.9 Intensity of Inspection (TRIP/FDA)
  • 6.11 Hoosier Lottery Sales
  • 6.12 Crime Indices
  • 6.13 FBI Uniform Crime Report (All Arrests and Juvenile Arrest)
  • 6.14 Alcohol Related Crash
  • 6.14b INSPECT Data for Rx Drugs
  • 6.14c HIV, HCV, STD, and Opioid Profiles
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    Community Risk Factors: Laws and Norms

    For additional relevant statistics see the ATOD survey published by the IPRC; Indiana Indicators (created through collaboration between the ISHD, the Indiana Hospital Association and the Indiana Business Research Center); Univ. of Michigan's Monitoring the Future; CDC's National Center for Health Statistics - NCHS; CSAP's National Survey of Drug Use and Health - NSDUH; CDC's Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey - YRBSS; and Indiana Family and Social Services Administration - FSSA.

    AGS Median Income estimate is used here for consistency. For another median income estimate, see www.stats.indiana.edu from the Indiana Research Center. Each data source uses a different method to arrive at its results.