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  • 6.15 Net Migration
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    Community Risk Factors: Transitions and Mobility

    An excellent indicator of the "transitions and mobility" indicator is the figure for net migration.  According to the US Census Definitions of Terms, “Geographical Mobility/Migration refers to the movement of people within the United States from one location to another at various geographic levels. Movers are classified by type of move and characteristics of movers. People who moved from abroad are also included.”   Housing instability and transitions like those provoked by moving to a new town or country are known risk factors for substance abuse and other problems. 

    Data for domestic and international migration from the U.S. Census Bureau is summarized by the Indiana Business Resource Center’s STATS Indiana (www.stats.indiana.edu) “Migration” web page [http://www.stats.indiana.edu/topic/migration.asp].    On this page select “Components of Population Change Overview) to see data for states, Indiana counties and regions. 

    For two articles from the Indiana Business Research Center, Indiana University Kelley School of Business, concerning migration trends and the impact of the recession on Indiana's migration trends visit these links: 1) to Matt Kinghorn's "Migration Trends and Population Change Between the Censuses " 2) "Recession Alters Indiana Migration Trends" .