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  • 6.16 Unemployment Rates
  • 6.17 Free/Reduced Lunch
  • 6.18 Food Stamp Recipients
  • 6.19 Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF)
  • 6.20 Low Educational Attainment
  • 6.21 Single Parent Family Households
  • 6.22 Total Poverty and by Age
  • 6.25 Families with Children in Poverty
  • 6.26 Health Insurance Status
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    Community Risk Factors: Extreme Social and Economic Deprivation

    Extreme deprivation, either due lack of sufficient funds for basic necessities or due to lack of sufficient social support (e.g., parenting, mentoring and role modeling) has known detrimental implications for child development and creates a high risk environment for the community. This section will explore data related to various forms of extreme deprivation in the county. The archival indicators included by CSAP for this risk factor include unemployment, free and reduced school lunch, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Food Stamp recipients, adults without a high school diploma, and single parent households. To these variables, PREV-STAT adds total poverty statistics, child poverty by age group, and single-parent families living in poverty, and lack of health insurance coverage. For the most recent and additional data related to unemployment go to http://www.stats.indiana.edu.

    On the STATS Indiana website under "Data by Topic", select the topic “Unemployment.” We recommend you look at Residential Labor Force Estimates (not seasonally adjusted) – annual average. You will see the labor force, employed and unemployed, rank for each, and monthly and yearly change, and comparisons to the state and nation.