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  • Commuting Trends Profile
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    Neighborhood Risk Factors

    Commuting Trends Profile
    For information regarding Issues related to commuting to work see STATS Indiana, "Commuting Trends Profile," based on IT-40 Indiana Tax Returns.

    Where do people living in your county work? This information is important for several reasons:
    1) It has implications for the economic health of your county (money in and/or money out)
    2) it has implications for the risk and protective influences being exerted upon your county’s residents, i.e., the policies, practices, laws and lifestyles of your neighboring counties affect your county
    3) It has implications for families (long commutes can mean less time at home with spouse and children)
    4) It has implications for the character of relationships and degree of bonding with local environment
    5) It has implications for quality of life with regard to exercise