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Implementation Toolbox

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    Training for Implementation
    Training to implement the plan emphasizes the importance of adhering faithfully to the content, amount, and manner of delivery specified in program protocols. Through this training, board members and program staff learn to track implementation progress, assess changes in participant outcomes, and make adjustments to achieve program objectives.
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    Best Practices in Social Media Community Guide
    For communities implementing social-media based environmental strategies, these tips and evaluation tools can be used to ensure that your audience is engaging with content in an effective and relevant way. Which social media site to use, what time to post, and how many times to post are all important considerations which can have an impact on how well you reach your target audience. Consider these guidelines as “best practices” for social media campaigns and programs.
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    National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (Jan. 25-28) Implementation Guide
    National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week is about demystifying the effects and consequences of drugs and alcohol for teens by connecting NIDA scientists and experts with youth. In events all over the country, communities come together to share the facts and have conversations about how drugs affect the brain, body and behavior. Getting your coalition involved in this week can help engage the youth in your community. Try some of these ideas out this January!
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    Substance Abuse Awareness Month (October) Implementation Guide
    The Indiana Prevention Resource Center has put together a guide to assist you in implementing and celebrating Substance Abuse Awareness Month in October. The attached Document has suggestions for several activities your community could plan and host, suggested social media posts (and accounts to follow!), sample proclamations for your local government, flyers you could utilize, and more!
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    Sample Sub-Grant Proposal
    Template for SPF sub-grant proposals for expansion or extension of prevention activities.
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    Intervention Selection Scoring Sheet
    Scoring sheet for rating existing community interventions on six important areas (level of effectiveness, evaluation results, capacity, target population, cultural competence, and benefits to prevention). May serve as selection criteria and justification for the selection of interventions to expand or continue using SPF SIG funds.
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    Implementation Primer
    Putting Your Plan into Action - A CADCA publication that will assist your coalition in the implementation of comprehensive strategies designed to acheive population-level reductions of substance abuse.