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Fitting CTC into SPF

It is important to remember that the CTC system is simply a tool to aid in building a prevention infrastructure referred to as the SPF process. CTC and SPF are not programs nor are they administrative names for program implementation. They exist and work together in helping communities get organized, identify problem areas based on community data, make knowledgeable decisions pertaining to how these problems should be addressed, and evaluate any actions taken to counter the problem areas. Most people are either familiar with SPF or with CTC, or they have no prior knowledge of either. This website was designed to help everyone navigate through the elements of the SPF process, see how CTC fits into this process, and also gain a greater knowledge in building a strong prevention infrastructure. Each phase of the CTC system fits well into a coordinating phase of the SPF process, and it is clear that sustainability and cultural competency as key components to every part of building a prevention infrastructure. When navigating this website, the chart above can be used to find either CTC or SPF materials.