Youth Section

Flash Game

Keep Your RX Safe!

Help these friends make a safe choice.
Tell them to do what will keep them safe and well.

KeepRxSafe Boy

Collect four items and enter elevator to win!

Keyboard Settings
  W - Jump
  Q - Jump Left
  E - Jump Right
  A - Walk Left
  D - Walk Right
  S - Drop
  [Spacekey] - Warp

Printable Materials

(in PDF format )

Rx Hunt

Jackson has been sick and was prescribed medicine from his doctor, which he has misplaced all over his room. His baby sister Emma is just learning how to walk and has been coming into Jackson’s bedroom lately. This is very unsafe with all of Jackson's medicine lying around his room. Help Jackson find all of his medicine to make it safe for Emma to come into his room. (Hint: There are 9 medicine bottles)
(Answer Key)

Rx Warning Stickers

For the stickers they work best printed on Avery 5160 labels

Connect The Dots

Connect the dots to complete the picture.

Word Scramble

Unscramble the letters to find out what word or word phrase they make.
(Answer Key)

Pill Search

Some pills have become mixed in with the candy making it unsafe to eat. Help find all the runaway pills to make the candy safe again.
(Answer Key)

Medicine Cabinet Maze

Can you make sure the medicine gets to the medicine cabinet? Try and avoid the distractions!

Word Find

Find the hidden words. Then write a fun story using the word list about how you can help keep prescriptions safe in your home.

Crossword Puzzle

Fill in the blanks to show what you know about keeping medicine safe.