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Indiana Prevention Resource Center (IPRC)

Survey of Alcohol Compliance

The Survey of Alcohol Compliance is a new program initiated by the State Excise Police to evaluate the sale of alcohol products to persons under the age of 21. The program is attempting to mirror the success that the State Excise Police has experienced with the Tobacco Retailer Inspection Program.

Indiana Excise Police

SAC inspections consist of collaboration between State Excise Officers and 18-20 year-old youths who attempt to purchase alcohol. The State Excise Police’s primary goal is to reduce access and availability of alcohol and tobacco products. SAC is one of many facets the Excise Police use to meet this goal.

Through a contract with Excise the IPRC has joined with the State Excise Police in this effort and is responsible for recruiting and hiring youth who conduct these inspections as well as other administrative duties. The IPRC’s experience working with Excise on the TRIP project places the center in the ideal position to take on this new responsibility. Through this joint effort the IPRC is working to strengthen prevention efforts in Indiana.

By Aaron D. Jones,   4/16/2008