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Established in 1987, the Indiana Prevention Resource Center is part of the Department of Applied Health Science, School of Public Health, IU-Bloomington. The IPRC’s mission is to strengthen a behavioral health system that promotes prevention, treatment and recovery, focusing on substance abuse and problem gambling and their related risk and protective factors from a public health perspective. The IPRC Library collects and provides access to materials on the science of addiction; drug and alcohol abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment; specific drugs, including alcohol and tobacco; community mobilization; mental health; health disparities and cultural competency; programming; and grant-writing.

The IPRC Library’s primary collection is a regularly-updated database of electronic materials that can be accessed without charge from any computer. Along with this searchable HOME Library of nearly 6,000 items (videos, articles, websites, pdfs, etc.) and a catalog of video-resources, users can also narrow their search by selecting any of several specialized topical databases(linked from the HOME library page). The target audience for these databases includes the general public, parents, researchers and service providers. Databases are searchable by title, author, subject or keyword, and records include a detailed abstract describing the item and a direct url link. The bilingual Hispanic/Latino Portal to substance abuse and general health resources includes Spanish language resources and abstracts.

For anyone looking for data on Indiana counties, the GIS in Prevention County Profiles offers statistics (with county, state and national comparisons) and maps. Chapters are devoted to basic demographics, substance abuse risk and protective factors, mental health, county health rankings, treatment episode data, and drug and alcohol-related arrest data, and a listing of complementary resources (with descriptions and links). Examples of the kind of county-level data regularly collected include meth lab busts, alcohol licenses, alcohol and tobacco outlet density, food stamp, TANF, TRIP inspection, poverty, and arrest data. Also included are Indiana-by-county maps showing distribution, prevalence and rankings of counties.

The Library also offers a reference service. Please contact our Reference Specialist, Carole Nowicke, for reference services.

The library maintains a collection of over 750 DVDs and VHS tapes, Videos Online and Loan Library, which are available for loan to adult Indiana residents. Indiana prevention and treatment professionals, including teachers, counselors, coalition-leaders, government officials, etc., may borrow up to 3 AV items at one time. Other adult Indiana residents, including IU students, may borrow one item at a time. For qualified borrowers who live outside the Bloomington area, the library will ship AV materials at no charge. If a title is only available on VHS, and you have no VHS player, the IPRC may be able to do a VHS to DVD transfer of the item. For this service, allow 5 working days. For circulation assistance contact Naomi Pardue.

The library also has a collection of print materials, (books and curricula) primarily for staff use, but available for in-house use by interested students or researchers during normal business hours (8:30-4:30 M-F.)

Summary of Services

  • A Virtual Clearinghouse of E-resources available, consisting of:
    • HOME Library (which includes all e-Resources) and
    • Multiple topical searchable databases (linked from HOME Library)
      • African-Americans
      • Bullying
      • College students
      • Grants and Grant-Writing
      • Hispanic-Americans
      • K-12 Teachers
      • LGBTQ
      • Older Adults
      • Prescription Drugs
      • Prevention in Practice (for professionals working at the grassroots level)
      • SBIRT (Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment)
      • Veterans
  • Ready reference service available by phone, email, or IPRC web site
  • Geographic Information Services (PREV-STAT service)
  • Circulating collection of videos and DVDs (not being expanded, but available to Indiana residents for loan),
  • On-site browsing of physical collection which includes archival items and materials to support IPRC reference librarian and staff needs (It is searchable on-site)

IPRC Library staff

Nowicke, Carole

Nowicke, Carole, Ph.D., M.L.S.

Reference Specialist & Research Associate

Areas of Expertise: library reference services

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Pardue, Naomi

Pardue, Naomi, B.A., M.L.S.

Cataloger/circulation supervisor

Areas of Expertise: Library cataloging, writing skills

[send e-mail]

Seitz de Martinez, Barbara J

Seitz de Martinez, Barbara J., Ph.D., M.L.S.

Deputy Director, Head Librarian and Director of GIS and Hispanic/Latino Projects

Areas of Expertise: cultural studies, Spanish, GIS, database and web design

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