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Indiana Prevention Resource Center (IPRC)

About Grant Consulting

We provide grants assistance to ATOD prevention practitioners in Indiana, including:

  • Assistance in identifying potential funding sources
  • Guidance in locating potential partner agencies and consultants
  • Review and critique of proposal drafts
  • Information on program planning and proposal writing
  • Training in proposal development and strategic fundraising skills

Consultation and training are provided without charge to Indiana-based prevention programs. Participants in the proposal-writing courses pay a nominal charge for meals and refreshments.

Intensive grants assistance (up to 200 hours) is available for organizations that have the capacity to manage large-scale, sustainable prevention programs, especially ones that have community-wide scope and have the potential for replication in other Indiana communities.

Grant Resources at IPRC

Publications on Grants and Funding Available at IPRC

Most of the grant-related print materials at the IPRC, such as the Foundation Center Directory and Corporate Foundation Profiles have been replaced by online resources, available at public libraries throughout Indiana: http://grantspace.org/Find-Us

We have copies of several publications on grants and fundraising for use at the IPRC, such as the following:

  • The Foundation Center’s Guide to Proposal Writing, by Jane C. Geever

  • Private Grants Alert, from CD Publications
  • The Proposal Writer’s Workshop, by VC League

  • Successful Grant Writing: Strategies for Health and Human Service Professional, by Laura Gitlin & Kevin Lyons