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Keep Rx Safe PSA Contest 2010

The Indiana Prevention Resource Center (IPRC) is committed to educating Indiana youth on the dangers of using over-the-counter and prescription drugs to get high.  According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA), between 7-8% of Indiana Youth use pain relievers for non-medical use.  Last year began an annual Video Public Service Announcement (PSA) contest through www.keeprxsafe.com, which encourages youth to be involved in peer-education to dispel myths surrounding this trend in non-medical use of pain relievers and other medications. 

According to the 2009 Indiana Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Use by Indiana Children and Adolescents Survey, in the past 2 years prevalence of over-the-counter use for youth in grades 6-12 had decreased.  This contest aims to continue to lower over-the-counter misuse and as well as lower the overall non-medical use of prescription drugs.

Keep Rx Safe

Last year there were 13 group entries received for the PSA contest, with over 50 youth participating.  This year we expect to see more interest and a larger number of youth who choose to participate!  In order to encourage youth to make quality films, we have asked a number of community members to be involved in the judging process.  These include: a Physician, a Pharmacist, a Television Producer, a Media Director and a representative from the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP).  A number of local and state agencies have donated prizes to be given to the contest winners.  These include: FLIP video cameras, IU Auditorium tickets, Kodak camera bags and much more.  The deadline for entries is April 2, 2010.  To see winning films visit www.keeprxsafe.com.

By Mallori Desalle,   3/30/2010