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Super Bowl Sunday 2010

This year, Super Bowl XLIV will air February 7th on CBS. In recent years, advertising during the Super Bowl has generated almost as much attention as the game itself. Many of the televised ads focus on alcohol and are created specifically to target a young audience. The Drug Free Action Alliance Super Bowl Survey 2009 showed that the top 3 most memorable commercials among middle and high school students were beer ads.

Research on advertising and alcohol consumption among youth indicates that increased exposure to alcohol ads increases consumption of alcohol. The Nielsen Company 2009 Super Bowl Stats show that:

  • Approximately 98.7 million Americans watched the 2009 Super Bowl, making it the largest viewed TV event ever
  • About 17.7 million American youth (under 21) were among those viewers
  • Anheuser-Busch produced the three most recalled ads last year

According to The Drug Free Action Alliance, alcohol is the leading drug problem for youth. It is also associated with risky behaviors such as sexual activity-including unwanted, unintended and unprotected sexual activity as well as increased problems at home and in school. Alcohol abuse among youth can have lasting consequences such as long term effects on brain development and potential for future dependence on alcohol.

The Drug Free Action Alliance also encourages students to hold their own media events such as press conferences and classroom activities that focus on limiting alcohol advertising. In order to gain the perspective of youth on the topic of alcohol and advertising visit The Drug Free Action Alliance at: http://www.drugfreeactionalliance.org and view the Super Bowl Survey 2010.

By Courtney Stewart,   1/22/2010