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Celebrating 25th anniversary of IPRC

Bully Film Screening Evaluation Survey

The Indiana Prevention Resource Center (IPRC) celebrates their 25th anniversary this year! For a quarter of a century, the IPRC has forged current research and data into practice among a vast group of youth workers, practitioners, teachers, counselors, researchers, and prevention and treatment professionals in Indiana and beyond. Partnering with community, regional and national agencies is part of our overall goal as an organization. The IPRC is collaborating with statewide organizations to offer a series of free activities to promote May as Children’s Mental Health Month. The four events will bring an increase in awareness of bullying, support educators and administrators with strategies for prevention of bullying, and highlight effective bullying policies currently being implemented in schools.


Throughout the past 25 years, substance abuse prevention among youth has been a leading focus at the IPRC; however, recent research has highlighted the importance of mental health promotion across the lifespan. A behavior that relates to youth and mental health is bullying. Among youth, bullying is a contributor to poor mental health. In addition, bullying is related to substance abuse among the individual who is bullied and the individual conducting the bullying. The focus of the intersection of bullying, mental health, and substance abuse is the topic of the IPRC’s 25th anniversary event to promote healthy environments and behaviors across the lifespan.

Visit the IPRC home page for more information about our anniversary. News stories, feature articles and a virtual open house are planned for 2013.

Bullying: Sticks and Stoned
Policies, practices, and resources for mental health and substance abuse


Bullying Introduction Webinar

April 8, 2:00-3:30pm
Recorded Webinar (59 min.)
Description: A webinar to introduce the topic of bullying, prevalence in Monroe County and the surrounding area, and the common ground it shares with mental health problems and substance abuse.
Presenter: Rachel Dowty, Indiana Prevention Resource Center Public Health Intern
Cost: Free

Movie screening

April 15 6:30-9:00pm, Whittenburger Auditorium, Indiana Memorial Union
(No need to register)
Description: A screening of Bully, a cinematic documentary that examines the consequences of bullying, shares intimate testimony of bullying and seeks to inspire change in the way parents, teachers, youth and society deal with the issue.
Facilitator: Carlene Quinn, Field Coordinator for Indiana University School of Social Work
Cost: Free
After watching the movie, please take the Bully Film Screening Evaluation Survey!

During IPRC’s screening of the documentary film “Bully” on April 15th attendees were asked to write down words that came to mind when thinking about bullying. The results were transformed into this wordle. The most frequently submitted words appear most prominently.

Strategies Workshop

April 23, 4:00-6:00pm, Persimmon Room, Indiana Memorial Union
[Go to Register]
Description: A bullying prevention workshop for educators to provide an opportunity to learn and practice strategies for use in the classroom, hallways, and playgrounds. Participants will be provided with strategies, resources, and tools.
  • Michael Verde MA, President, Memory Bridge
  • Mrs. Laura Charles, Principal, Springville Elementary School, North Lawrence Community Schools
  • Becky Rose, MSW, LCSW, Director of Student Services, Monroe County Community School Corporation
Cost: Free

Policies Panel Webinar

April 30, 2:00pm-3:30pm
Recorded Webinar (1 hr 26 min.)
Description: A webinar panel discussion related to effective bullying school policies and how they have been put into action in schools across the State.
  • Dave Estell, PhD, Associate Professor of Human Development, IU School of Education
  • David J. Emmert, JD, General Counsel, Indiana School Board Association
  • Becky Rose, MSW, LCSW, Director of Student Services, Monroe County Community School Corporation
Cost: Free
Professional Development
  • Professional Growth Points available for educators
  • Continuing Education Units available for Addiction Counselors, Mental Health Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists and Social Workers
  • Continuing Education Units available for Certified Health Education Specialists
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Partnering Organizations

Funding for this project comes from a grant from Mental Health America, Incorporated; the Indiana Prevention Resource Center and the Department of Applied Health Science at Indiana University Bloomington.

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