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Substance Abuse Trends in Indiana: A 10-Year Perspective

Over the past 10 years:

  • Alcohol and tobacco continue to be the most widely used substances.
  • Indiana’s high smoking prevalence, particularly among expectant mothers, led the state to identify tobacco as one of its substance abuse prevention priorities.
  • The opioid epidemic involving both prescription pain relievers and heroin has impacted Indiana tremendously, leading to significant increases in addiction treatment admissions and overdose deaths attributable to these drugs.
  • The economic impact of substance abuse is considerable. In Indiana, the estimated annual costs attributable to tobacco use were approximately $6.8 billion; alcohol consumption exceeded $4.4 billion; and overdose deaths accrued to $1.4 billion.

Source: Center for Health Policy Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. (2017). Substance Abuse Trends in Indiana: A 10-Year Perspective. Indianapolis: Balio, C. & Greene, M.