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Indiana Prevention Resource Center (IPRC)

The IPRC is Committed to Continuing Education

In order for healthy communities to be formed, it is necessary for health and education professionals to acquire fresh insight into the current trends and difficulties that are prevalent in society.

The Indiana Prevention Resource Center is committed to providing many educational opportunities throughout the year in order to keep community members equipped with the latest information and tools available.

The week of June 14-18 the IPRC hosted one such training.  The Drug Use Continuum, presented by the Indiana Prevention Resource Center and the Division of Mental Health and Addiction, a forty hour class depicting drug use in the United States. The substances addressed included but were not limited to alcohol, depressants, hallucinogens, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs, and tobacco. A few of the Prevention Professionals from the IPRC thoroughly taught the most recent information concerning each substance. On the last day of the class there was a panel discussion centered on the topics of addiction and recovery.

Throughout the Continuum, there were over a dozen guest speakers offering information and viewpoints based on personal experience in the areas of prevention, addiction and recovery. Time was provided for peer networking and group activities. This was an excellent opportunity for professionals to not only boost their professional profiles, but to gain renewed enthusiasm and interest in their respected fields from the abundance of fresh materials being presented.

Most trainings, including the Drug Use Continuum, are open to the public.  For those in the fields of education, social work, and counseling, Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are often awarded upon course completion.  The trainings offer free materials, resources and giveaways to those who participate.

The IPRC holds various trainings throughout the year.  For future information about all upcoming events and trainings please check our homepage and calendar.


By Sarah Conley,   6/25/2010