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"Just making sure that you are in tight contact with the Prevention-L Listserv folks as they are one of the BEST ongoing groups with whom I have ever networked!!!!!!"

Prevention-L is a LISTSERV electronic mailing list featuring announcements about training, events, and funding for substance abuse and problem gambling prevention and treatment. Professionals and volunteers who work in these fields are invited to join. Indiana Prevention Resource Center moderates this list.

  • To SUBMIT an item for posting, send a message to prevention-l@indiana.edu. Your message will be forwarded to the moderator.
  • TO SUBSCRIBE to the list, fill out the form on the left side.
  • TO UNSUBSCRIBE: send an e-mail message to list@list.indiana.edu with the following line in the subject field: unsubscribe prevention-l@list.indiana.edu. You may leave the message body blank.