Screening Tools

The following screening tools are interactive and can calculate scores.

Single-Question Prescreens




CRAFFT (Adolescents)

About Screening

Screening for at-risk substance use involves asking carefully constructed questions to determine the nature and extent of a person's substance use. Screening determines level of risk and the next step in the SBIRT process.

Benefits of Universal Screening

Universal screening is the process of asking all persons about their substance use on a regularly scheduled basis.

  • Saves time because it quickly determines which patients require further assessment
  • Detects current health problems related to at-risk substance use at an early stage
  • Provides opportunity to intervene and educate early about at-risk substance use
  • De-stigmatizes talking about substance use
Remember, screening is not assessment
  • Screening Is a process for determining potential problems.
  • Assessment is an in-depth process for determining a diagnosis and informing specific treatment recommendations.